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Why Rent? You Have Options…

We know it is tough out there and if you have been through a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy it has been extra tough. You have probably heard of “rent to own” programs before but were turned off by all the rules and restrictions that come with them. With My Lease to Own, you are in charge. You can spend the time you want to shop for the perfect home for you and your family out on the open market and get back on the path to homeownership.

Our program can get you back into your own home within days not years.   Whether you need time to get your credit repaired or if you are simply tired of wasting money with renting, our program remains simple with these 4 easy steps:

Step 1 – Find out how much money you “Prequalify Now” for by clicking the green button on the right and get your results emailed to you.
Step 2 – Like what you see.  Talk to us about how the program will work for you.
Step 3 – Then it is time for you to go shopping to choose your next home out on the open market.
Step 4 – Once you find it, we will buy it for you and set you up in your own Lease 2 Own.

It really is that fast and easy to be back into your own home today.  Find out how much you pre-qualify for right now by clicking on the  ”Prequalify Now” button. It will take less than 5 minutes to get started!

Happy Buyers


Can you get your financing in less than a year?

Then ask us how our Lease 2 Own Program can work for you!  It is a very affordable option for those buyers that need short term help.

We can also assist buyers with getting the best deal for their home.  Since we use all cash offers, not only do we get our offers accepted more often but usually at better prices.  For some buyers that can get financing today but are having a difficult time getting their offer accepted our Lease 2 Own Program may be the solution.  Homes remain affordable today and continue to be a great value. However, the market values continue to go up every month. Within the Lease 2 Own program you get to lock in your price for up to the next 4 years.  Don’t be kicking yourself a few years from now because you didn’t get your home today while they are so affordable.